Palmdoc 2

The Palmdoc 2 has been expertly designed for simplicity and budget in mind. With key features such as a large user interface, no coding and 0.7µL blood volume for a reaction in 5 seconds. The Palmdoc 2 now comes in the following spoken languages [icon name=”volume-down” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] : Arabic, Bengali, Polish, Urdu and English.

Technical specification

  • Display: LCD
  • External Output: USB Data Port
  • Auto electrode inserting detection
  • Auto sample loading detection
  • Auto reaction time cut-down
  • Auto insufficient blood detection
  • Temperature warning
  • GDH-FAD Enzyme technology
  • Memory: 900 (DVLA Compliant)
  • Hematocrit range: 20 ~ 60%
  • PC Connection via USB
  • Diasend Compatible
  • Verified by TUV to adhere to ISO:15197:2015

The specifications may be changed without prior notice. 


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