Meet our products

Simplicity, usability and accuracy are the principles that drive the development of our blood glucose monitoring systems for in vitro diagnostic use. We believe these modern, functional devices will fit your lifestyle effectively and without any fuss. And we’ve designed them accordingly.

Palmdoc 1

The original Palmdoc glucometer is designed to sit comfortably in your hand and engineered to deliver accurate blood glucose results. Effortlessly simple and easy to use, its intuitive operation is supported by clearly visible results. Click here for more info

Palmdoc 2

With its smooth and pleasing ergonomic design and robust construction, Palmdoc II delivers state-of-the-art blood glucose monitoring. It features a larger screen for improved clarity and an audio function to enable you to hear as well as see your results.
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Our lancets and test strips are easy to use making monitoring and managing your blood glucose levels as simple as possible. Follow our instructions and you can use them with complete confidence.
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