About Palmdoc

Palmdoc have specialised in providing healthcare within the UK for many years, in fact our founding members have worked or are still working in the NHS. We are committed to providing the best possible healthcare available and introducing the latest technologies to market which is affordable to the state yet beneficial to the population.

Our Aim

To develop point of care diagnostic systems which was efficient, effective and economical. The NHS currently spends approximately 10% of its entire budget on diabetic care that’s nearly £10b a year. Current reports indicate that the cost of diabetic care to the NHS is increasing, so it is important that we reduce the cost of consumables without compromising the quality of the results they produce.

Our History

Palmdoc was launched after a number of patient focus groups were undertaken to find out what patients wanted from their meter, likewise doctors and nurses were consulted for their opinion also. Once we collated all the information, we went to our manufacturing plant in Taiwan and began the process of prototyping, testing, accreditation and finally bringing Palmdoc I & II to life. We constantly demonstrate that we are willing to listen, note and implement changes which will enhance our products to provide users with a better experience.